“The United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation in Iraq.”  Those words were spoken by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest earlier today.  Recently, there have been some different messages making the rounds on the worsening situation in Iraq.  Last, week, when Iraqi soldiers fled Ramadi under fire from the Islamic State, Secretary of State Ashton Carter was quoted in the media, saying they “showed no will to fight.”  Those comments alone sent everyone in the administration into a tailspin of backpedaling, with even Vice President Joe Biden making a special appearance to re-affirm US Support in Iraq.  I could understand statements like these if I knew there was an endgame, a strategy in place for turning back the tide of terror.  But it currently seems like we have a hands off, open ended, almost relaxed approach to one of the worst threats to freedom and democracy we’ve faced in modern times.  It’s glaringly obvious what we are doing is not enough.  Add to the fact that we have top leaders chastising our allies who are currently fighting this evil, and you have a recipe for nothing but failure.  “Our strategy is to support the Iraqi security forces in doing what we will not do for them,” Earnest said.  The old Edmund Burke quote comes to mind.  If we will not meet our enemy, then who?


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